About the Author



I have 24 plus years of sobriety and am no doubt one of the staunchest advocates of finding a cure for addiction versus just treating it. After many years of personal and lived experiences, rigorous study, intense schooling, in-depth research, relentless reading, asking the tough questions, and listening to some of the greatest minds and most influential, talented, and gifted individuals on the planet, past and present, a cure has finally been revealed. While my stance on full recovery from addiction is sure to be somewhat controversial, I nevertheless stand by what is written in this book. This book is not based on facts, theories, or opinions. It is based on truth, law, and ancient principles.

I do not claim to have all the answers; however, the information within these pages does in fact answers the aged old question, is there really a cure for addiction? I'm here to say the answer is a resounding yes there is a cure for addiction. Make no mistake, one can be cured 100% of his or her addiction. I am living proof full recovery is indeed a reality.


I, at one point in my life was so drugged up and screwed up I could not imagine ever recovering from my stupor, but I did. Now my purpose and mission in life is to reveal to the world, "Once an addict, always an addict" is one of the biggest damn lies and myths ever told to mankind.

I am not here to convince you. I am however here to say you can become 100% successful and completely free from drugs and alcohol if you adhere to this proven regimen. They say, "Success leaves clues." I have tried my best to leave clues, information and strategies that will help anyone who is truly ready to grow, succeed and win in life.